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If you’ve been fortunate enough to have a role-model in your life. Someone to inspire you. You know how important it is to give back. Markus Carr is one of those people that continually invest in the lives of others and continue to inspire. His story talks about doing things your own way, enjoying life and remembering to give back. Here is a part of his journey…

One of my favorite memories growing up is when this old guy who lived in our apartment building bought a brand new basketball court up in the parking space. That was the day I fell in love with the game. It gave me purpose. To live. To breathe. I wanted to succeed. And I was going to have to work for it. Healthy motivation and dedication enabled me to get a full scholarship to University (California State-Northridge). I finished my degree and got inducted into the Hall of Fame in the same year. These are occasions which first boosted my athletic career as a player and later my business career as a creative entrepreneur.

Adonis Jordan is a person who motivated me to prepare for Europe. He and I would workout every day in the summers (at my university). At the time he was playing pro ball all over Europe as well as Australia and was also a former big time college star at the University of Kansas.
I learned work ethic and there was no easy way around it. He trained hard and I trained harder (trying to keep up). Every day. Indoors, outdoors, ran hills, put in extra hours at the weight room. (He showed me training from the highest level and some philosophies of the great basketball minds.) Practice is practice but work is work.

Sometimes you have to do things your own way to get it done

and enjoy life while doing it.


When I got to Europe – it was the hardest thing I ever went through. Adjusting to the culture, new people, (not understanding the) language, different weather, the climate… After just a few days, I was ready to go home. I tried to get a ticket back but my agent asked me to at least stay for one month… and the rest was history. I would tell myself “When things get tough, real ninjas get tougher”. So, instead of “flying” away I dedicated myself. I learned to see hardship as opportunity. I began to like the idea of traveling.

I observed the people around me and learned from them. I pushed myself – not only physically but mentally. I was always picking up new things. Meeting new people. Starting new projects. The Red Bull King of the Rock event is something that was never before seen in Austria. I began to see business as a form of art. All these past experiences enabled me to start CON – Cross Over Nation. The special thing of CON is that I get to bring all the things I have done as a child, to Europe. I get to open doors for new generations to come. Giving them a foundation for their dreams. A sense of limitless possibility. An experience they won’t likely forget.

I hope to install in them a vision to stay motivated and to keep growing, keep stretching and keep pushing themselves. CON is going to become bigger, better and stronger, and the more we grow the more I learn.

I try to maintain a balance in all I do. There are a lot of challenges to learn from and finding time for family as well as for some rest is important to me. But most of the time I’m just hustlin’ so it’s all good! I believe success is measured by satisfaction.

If you want to be successful: Create experiences for yourself! Find your purpose. Work hard. And be satisfied with what is accomplished! Learn to see hardship as opportunity. Keep your balance. Be the best version of yourself!

Thanks for taking that chance with me.

Mike Hamelin, Kev Miller, John Burrell, Adonis Jordan, coach Bobby Braswell and Bigg Flawliss.

You can fail at what you don’t want. So, you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.